Gareth-Rhys Jones

Location: Room 201, Ashworth Laboratories

Telephone: +44(0)131-650-7289


Research Interests:

I am a gastroenterologist with an interest in inflammatory bowel disease and mucosal immunology. I'm currently investigating the interaction between epigenetic processes and intestinal homeostasis in models of mucosal inflammation. I hope to define the importance of epigenetic modification in cellular processes to effect aberrant host immune responses.

Academic History:

2012 – Present
PhD student (Wellcome Trust ECAT Clinical Lectureship), Laboratory of Dr. A. MacDonald, IIIR, University of Edinburgh.
2003 – 2004
BSc (Hons, 1st Class), in Med Sci, University of Aberdeen.
2000 – 2006
MB, ChB, University of Aberdeen.


Derakashan, M., Robertson, E., Fletcher, J., Jones, G.R., McColl, K.E.L. (2012)
Mechanism of association between BMI and dysfunction of the gastro-oesophageal barrier in patients with normal endoscopy. Gut. 61: 337-343.
Fletcher, J., Derakashan, M., Jones, G.R., McColl, K.E.L. (2011)
BMI is superior to symptoms in response to PPI: Randomised trial in patients with UGI symptoms and normal endoscopy. Gut. 60: 442-448.