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Nienke van der Werf, Stephen A. Redpath, Alexander T. Phythian-Adams, Miyuki Azuma, Judith E. Allen, Rick M. Maizels, Andrew S. MacDonald and Matthew D. Taylor.
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Riccardo Sibilano, Giorgia Gri, Barbara Frossi, Claudio Tripodo, Ryo Suzuki, Juan Rivera, Andrew S. MacDonald and Carlo E. Pucillo.
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Stephen J. Jenkins, Georgia Perona-Wright and Andrew S. MacDonald.
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Gemma L. Foster , Tom A. Barr, Andrew J. Grant, Clare E. Bryant, Andrew S. MacDonald, David Gray, Masahiro Yamamoto, Shizuo Akira, Duncan J. Maskell and Pietro Mastroeni.  
Virulent Salmonella enterica infections can be exacerbated by concomitant infection of the host with a live attenuated S. enterica vaccine via Toll-like receptor 4-dependent interleukin-10 production with the involvement of both TRIF and MyD88. Immunology. 124(4): 469-479.
Alan G.F. Worsley, Salome LeibundGut-Landmann, Emma Slack, Li-Kun Phng, Holger Gerhardt, Caetano Reis E Sousa and Andrew S. MacDonald.  
Dendritic cell expression of the Notch ligand jagged2 is not essential for Th2 response induction in vivo. European Journal of Immunology. 38: 1043-1049.
Andrew S. MacDonald and Rick M. Maizels.
Alarming dendritic cells for Th2 induction. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 205: 13-17.


Stephen J. Jenkins, Georgia Perona-Wright, Alan G.F. Worsley, Naoto Ishii and Andrew S. MacDonald.  
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Simmi Mahajan, Anna M. Cervera, Megan MacLeod, Simon Fillatreau, Georgia Perona-Wright, S. Meek, A. Smith, Andrew S. MacDonald and David Gray.
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Book Chapters

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